• Jenny Cromie studied abroad at the The University of Melbourne, Australia.

"I spent a semester at the University of Melbourne. Melbourne was a great city with a fantastic culture and so much to see and do. It was the experience of a lifetime and I couldn't recommend doing it more!! If I could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of applying, it would be to just do it because you will definitely not regret it, and once you’re there enjoy every minute because it just flies in!"

  • Erin Morrison did an internship in tourism in France and was a British council language assistant in Spain. 

"As a languages student, I have been lucky enough to spend time abroad in both Spain and France over the last 2 years. Living in a different country is an incredible experience that helped me improve my language skills, become more confident and learn about different cultures. Studying abroad is also a great opportunity to travel around your chosen country and further afield! While living in Spain I visited countless cities there as well as visiting Portugal, Malta and Morocco where I made great friends with Bob Marley the camel (pictured above). I never thought that living in Spain would lead me to camel riding at sunrise in the Sahara Desert! You never know what kind of opportunities will be available to you on exchange, so go for it! My advice for anyone interested in applying would be to do careful research about the countries and universities you are interested in applying for, and try to make as many local friends as you can!"

  • Marc Mcgowan spent one incredible year at Radboud University in The Netherlands!


"I did my year abroad in Nijmegen in the Netherlands which was an amazing city full of life and always something to do. I met so many great friends and travelled so much all over Europe from France to Greece. For anyone even thinking about studying abroad, just go for it you won’t regret it!!"

  • James Robertson had an amazing year at the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany!!  

"I was fortunate enough to spend my third year studying at Freie Universität Berlin. As well as improving my language skills no end, living in a foreign country provided me with so many invaluable life skills. Whilst out there I made loads of great friends and travelled all over Europe, including visits to Budapest, Copenhagen and Marseille. I couldn't recommend going abroad enough, whether to study or to work, and I'd urge anyone to go for it and make the most of it!"

  • Katja Lempinen had the best time in Canada!  

"I spent last year in Canada and I can't recommend it enough! There are endless benefits to doing a year abroad: you will get to see a new country while making tons of friends from all around the world. It is also a great addition to your degree: I got to study courses that we don't even have at Glasgow and attend different networkingevents and conferences related to my subject, which is really good in terms of employability.
If you choose to do your exchange in a country like Canada you might also get to experience fun stuff like walking to class at 7:30AM when it's -20 degrees celsius... In the end, one year is a really short time which is why you will want to make the most of every moment. My advice for anyone thinking of going abroad is to do your research and then just apply! There's no better way to build your confidence and learn about yourself than getting out of your comfort zone."