The aim of ESN UofG's buddy system is to connect new incoming students with local students at the University of Glasgow. This is a great opportunity for all of the students to make new friends and learn about different cultures and languages! Besides our normal events, we will be hosting a few extra for the buddies to get to know each other! 

If you are coming to Glasgow to study either as an exchange student or full time and are worried about adjusting to this new environment, this is the perfect program for you! We will match you with a local student and then will put you in contact so they can help you with anything that worries you. 

If you are a local student and you wanna meet new people, enhance your language skills and/or become more involved with our society, then this is the role for you! Being a buddy isn't going to take a lot of time, you should mainly be available through email or Facebook to answer any questions your buddy might have. In addition, you could meet your buddy a couple times for a coffee or to show them around Glasgow! You can find more information on your role here

If you have any questions, please email us at Also, join our Facebook group to keep updated with all our events!