What does being an ESN buddy entail?


1.     By volunteering as an ESN buddy, you are signing up to be one of the first points of contact for an exchange student arriving to Glasgow. You will be matched with an incoming student based on both of your preferences.


2.     As a buddy, it is recommended that you be the first one to make contact when you get matched. You will be given an email address or Facebook-account, so getting in touch should be easy – you can start by just saying hi and asking if your exchange student has any questions about Glasgow or the University.


3.     Once you and your exchange student have both arrived in Glasgow after summer holidays, it is recommended that you meet up at least once or twice. You can take your student out for a coffee or a walk to show them around Glasgow. ESN UofG will also be organising a buddy event at the beginning of the semester, where you two can meet each other and other buddies and exchange students.  Throughout the semester, ESN UofG will organise a bunch of different social events, from a Ceilidh to cultural visits around Glasgow, all of which you can also attend together!


Why should you become an ESN buddy?


1.     First of all, becoming an ESN buddy is a great way to build long-lasting intercultural friendships! It’s a brilliant way to develop your social skills and understanding of different cultures. This is also an opportunity for Glasgow students who are thinking of applying for exchange to experience what it is like to mingle with people from different cultures, and for returning exchange students to share the knowledge they gained during their exchange with someone who is at the beginning of their study abroad-adventure.


2.     You will be facilitating an incoming exchange student’s integration into their host university and city. You will be offering them practical advice and even more importantly, your time and company. Many exchange students may experience culture shock or other difficulties when they arrive to a new country, and at those times, having a friend you can turn to will be a big help.


3.     Volunteering to be a buddy as a part of ESN, a large international NGO, is also a great addition to your CV. It shows that you actively engage in the campus life, are sociable and keen to help people and that you have a curiosity for experiencing new cultures. All of these things will look good in applications, be it for internships, jobs or studying abroad.



What are the requirements to become an ESN buddy?


1.     It’s simple – you just have to be a Glasgow University student, of any year and degree subject. Apart from that, all you need is the motivation and passion to help an incoming exchange student and make their time in Glasgow unforgettable!