On Sunday 28th January, ESNers had the second chance to explore the fruitful tastes of Scotland ater the Burns Supper on Thursday, namely by attending our whisky tasting event organised in cooperation with Glasgow University Malt Whisky Society.

The event took place in a nice cosy atmosphere of the GUU's Drawing room. The first people started to gather even before 8pm, but they had to wait a little while until we started to let people in and collect the entrance fees. With so many people this took around half an hour, the tasting itself started at around 8.30pm. After serving the first of 3 different whiskies, the president of GUMWS as well as our treasurer gave the opening speeches. As soon as the speeches finished, everybody clinked their glasses and started to degust the first whisky - Aberlour 10 from Speyside comparing it with the descriptions of its tastes provided by GUMWS.

The tasting of whisky follows a few easy steps. At first the spirit is analyzed visually, then by nose and then finally by drinking it. Aroma as well as taste and its aftermath were described in previously mentioned notes provided by GUMWS in paragraphs titled "Nose", "Palate" and "Finish". The whole process of tasting can then be repeated after adding a small amount of water at room temperature, which releases another tastes locked within whisky and thus changes its taste profile.

The other two whiskies tasted were Glenfarclas 10 also from Speyside and Laphroaig Quarter Cask from Islay. While the first two were quite mild, the last one had really smoky taste so some people did not like it. Well, how many people, that many tastes I would say. And how many different places in Scotland, that many different-tasting Scotch whiskies. Well to be accurate, at least in case of Speyside it is actually more different-tasting whiskies at one place.

At the end the GUMWS also opened their collection of whiskies, so anyone, who did not feel like having enough of whisky or it was his first time tasting it and found himself to be a whisky lover, could degust more than those three kinds.

To conclude, the event itself was very nice and relaxing, absolutely suitable for a Sunday evening with people chatting and having fun while sipping from one of national drinks of Scotland - whisky.