We are excited to announce that on the 23rd of December we are relaunching ESN UofG BUDDY SYSTEM!

  • Are you an incoming, international student? Do you want someone to show you around Glasgow and help you integrate into the Glaswegian way of life?
  • Are you a local student? Do you want to make new friends, enhance your language skills and help new students enjoy their time in Glasgow?

Our buddy system will pair incoming and local students at the University of Glasgow, for the next academic semester, starting in January 2020.

As a buddy you'll mainly be available on Facebook or email to answer your buddy's questions, and you can choose to meet up to show them your favourite places around Glasgow.
ESN UofG will also host various events at the start of the semester so that you can get to know your buddy better!



Apply here or find more information here.

Any questions please email: iesn.uofgbuddies@gmail.com