On Sunday, 29th October we met at 2pm in front of Glasgow Cathedral to have a spooky tour around Glasgow's Necropolis located next to it, as it was Halloween time of the year again.

One would expect Glasgow's weather to help us with this spooky atmosphere, as it is usually at least cloudy, "sometimes" with addition of rain or fog but no, that Sunday had to be one of the brightest and clearest October's days.

That's why after starting our tour in the cathedral and then making our way to the Necropolis, spooky stories, which ESN board members had prepared to tell, were rather funny than scary. Maybe it had to do also with the fact that they were telling them with their sunglasses on, as the sun was shining straight into their faces.

Then, after we had a laugh and nice tour around the Necropolis admiring the spectacular view of Glasgow, because the Necropolis is located on a hill at the eastern boundary of the city centre, we headed towards Drygate brewery for a pint and the nice chat, which worked out at the end, maybe except for pints as it was quite cold, so almost everybody had coffee.