On Tuesday, 24th October, we gathered in the Record Factory at 8pm to celebrate multiculturality and diversity of University of Glasgow's students in the form of "clash of the cuisines".

Everybody had the chance to bring his own national food, represent his homeland in such a way, and to taste dishes from other national cuisines of course.

Special thanks to Glasgow University German Society, GU Francophone Society, Glasgow University Dutch Society and Glasgow European Society as this was done in collaboration with them.

The event itself was very chilled, after everybody placed what he had prepared on a common table, others were able to take a sample from each dish in a form of buffet. These varied from Polish Pierogi (dumplings filled with meat and/or cabbage) through German Streuselkuchen (traditional German cake made of yeast dough with sweet topping) to French Gâteau au Noix (nut cake) just to mention a few. At the end of the event, the latter also won the prize for the best meal - voucher for a dinner for two at the Left Bank Bar & Restaurant. There was also a prize for runners up - £10 bar tab at the Record Factory which was given to the author of the aforementioned Streuselkuchen.