On 10th of September 2017 ESN University of Glasgow section organized our 1st event of the year in Grosvenor Cafe - International Welcome Drinks with Free Food.

People started to gather at around 19.30 although the event was supposed to start at 20.00. Behind the entrance at left hand side we had a stall which sold ESN cards. Thanks to everyone who purchased it and we hope you'll make use of all the great discounts it offers.

Everyone who did not want to buy the card was directed to a part of Grosvenor Cafe which is upstairs. The attendance was huge, so this 1st floor got crowded very quickly. That's why it was possible to literally bump into a new friend there.

Free food started to arrive at around 20.35 and disappeared approximately 5 minutes later. Although it was less food than people probably expected, most of them decided to stay, however some left and the place got less crowded. To stay was a good decision not only because the 2nd round of food appeared, but also because of all the new acquaintances and friendships you were able to make.

Overall, this was a great event full of socializing, nice drinks and a bit of free food in a welcoming atmosphere a week before the 1st semester at the University of Glasgow started.