Are you ready to (ex)change your life? Get involved with ESN UofG and enter the world of Erasmus Student Network, the biggest student organisation in Europe, where mobility is a way of life and you are part of a movement towards unity and cultural exchange with hundreds of thousands of other students. Find below descriptions of all board and committee positions available - don’t be afraid to apply, it’s open to all UofG students and there are no barriers to entry. Every board and committee member is eligible to apply for funded international delegations throughout the year, with board members having priority though. 

If you have any questions regarding the roles or ESN in general, please do not hesitate to contact


Committees are the teams responsible for assisting the general board. They are not required to attend the weekly board meetings or be informed about internal matters of the section. However, they will be required to attend their committee-specific meetings.

Projects Committee Members

The Projects Committee Members are responsible for coordinating the international projects of ESN, collaborating with other committee members and external organisations to organise, advertise, and manage all the activities (with great help from all the other board members). They will work to implement the projects strategy devised by the Projects Manager. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting projects manager with organizing and planning innovative project ideas. Tasks are approved by projects manager, and may include:

    • Being familiar with all the international projects of ESN UK.

    • Attending Projects Committee meetings, organised and led by the Projects Manager.

    • Organising the already existent Buddy System of ESN UofG: promotion to new exchange and local students, applications, pairing up local and exchange students, organising special events for buddies and managing the buddy system-specific email account.

    • Enhancing already existent MappED! profile of ESN UofG by mapping buildings at the campus.

    • Making campaigns and events for SocialErasmus week.

    • Organising event(s) and campaign(s) for Movin' Europe (October Study Abroad Campaign) with Communications Manager.

    • Creating event briefs and plans to be approved by the President.

    • Writing internal project reports and uploading this in document form to Google Drive.


Communications Committee members

Graphics Designer

Also managed by the Communications Manager, the Graphics Designer is responsible for the visual identity of ESN UofG. This is a unique, creative role which will allow you to express the attitudes and goals of ESN in visual form and play an integral role in promoting events and activities. It is essential to read the Visual Identity Manual (VIM) before starting any comms work because there are many rules to follow. Responsibilities include:

  • Careful implementation of the ESN International Visual Identity (VIM).

  • Creating Facebook event cover photos and “tease” graphics for each event. These must be approved by the VP and Communications Manager before going live.

  • Thinking of innovative concepts for and creating advertising campaigns.

  • Abiding by the VIM to ensure that our graphics are in line with ESN International rules.

  • Creating general graphics for social media posts, e.g. when there is an opportunity for mobility to advertise or when we get a new partner.

  • Poster Design where necessary.

  • Thinking of and creating advertising campaigns for the events.

  • Integration and adaptation of both ESN UofG logo and ESN International logo.

Web Projects Administrator (WPA)

Being managed by the Communications Manager, the WPA will have the responsibility of handling the ESN UofG website and updating it with all current activities. This is a great opportunity to get more experience in Web Administration - training will be provided. Responsibilities include:

  • Add content from events and projects.

  • Regular Web Publishing.

  • Continually improving the website by consulting those of other sections.

  • Adding each event to the website.

  • Making sure partners are featured on the website.

  • Writing blurbs and reviews of events and projects to be added to our website in a press release style (working with Secretary on this).